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First Heritage Credit

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First Heritage Credit and Renewal Strategic Partnership

First Heritage Credit and have partnered to provide financial education that helps consumers understanding the complex financial issues of banking, budgeting, creating wealth, credit, homeownership, identity theft and insurance. This information is designed to help consumers improve their financial situation by moving into the financial mainstream. We have partnered with Members, United States Senators, State Legislators, Federal and State Regulators, installment lenders, bankers, community and faith-based organizations and others to conduct research and educate them about the important role that First Heritage Credit plays in providing capital to credit-challenged consumers.

About First Heritage Credit

First Heritage Credit is a Mississippi based company with branch offices in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. First Heritage Credit specializes in installment lending for personal loans but is quickly becoming a leader in providing retail financial services to local merchants, particularly to those who sell furniture and appliances. First Heritage Credit’s mission is simple…. to provide their customers with a convenient and dependable source for additional cash when they need it and with terms they can afford. In order to provide their customers with the service they expect, all loan decisions are made at the local level. First Heritage Credit branch managers and their employees live in the community where they work. That way, they can make loan decisions based on their personal knowledge of the community and the people who live there. First Heritage Credit realizes that it can be difficult to manage your finances no matter how organized you are, especially when an unexpected event occurs. Their commitment to the customer is Fast, Friendly Service conducted in a confidential business environment by courteous and caring professionals.

Please visit their website at to learn more about First Heritage Credit and to find a First Heritage Credit office near you.

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